The Value of History

The History Council of Australia has recently adopted a wonderful new statement on the value of History.
This fantastic manifesto deserves to hang in each classroom in Australia, but unfortunately the layout of the original PDF was a bit plain. I have recreated the statement as posters in Canva so that you can print them off and have something colourful and visual to put up on your classroom walls. The originals are A3-sized, but they will also work well in A4.

Download all the A3 PDFs here. It is a large file. 

The image files (Large PNGs) are below. Just right click and save as….

If you are quite good with Canva yourself, I have also made a editable link for you to play with BUT > Please make a copy of the page and then start making changes. The changes you make can be seen by everyone, so please don’t delete any pages, just add to it. You can change fonts, colours and backgrounds… up to you!
Here is the publicly editable link: Click here to edit in Canva (You’ll have to create an account if you haven’t already)

Note: I am not a graphic designer, I just like making posters…