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Impact of Excessive Computer Game and Television Exposure on Sleep Patterns and Memory Performance of School-aged Children

Wow, that is quite confronting:

  • RESULTS. Only computer game playing resulted in significant reduced amounts of slow-wave sleep as well as significant declines  in verbal memory performance. Prolonged sleep-onset latency and more stage 2 sleep were also detected after previous computer  game consumption. No effects on rapid eye movement sleep were observed. Television viewing reduced sleep efficiency significantly  but did not affect sleep patterns. 

    CONCLUSIONS. The results suggest that television and computer game exposure affect children’s sleep and deteriorate verbal  cognitive performance, which supports the hypothesis of the negative influence of media consumption on children’s sleep, learning,  and memory.

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Growing up digital, wired for distraction – NYtimes. My highlighted sections:

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction – NYTimes.com

Great article with plenty of food for thought. Below are my highlighted sections:

On YouTube, “you can get a whole story in six minutes,” he explains. “A book takes so long. I prefer the immediate gratification.”
Researchers say the lure of these technologies, while it affects adults too, is particularly powerful for young people. The risk, they say, is that developing brains can become more easily habituated than adult brains to constantly switching tasks — and less able to sustain attention. Continue reading