Summarising in 140 characters or less with my students

Had fun today. We watched a Hans Rosling video on poverty in my Year 8 class.

It’s a great video and the students were certainly interested. I wanted a response from them afterwards and decided on the spot to let them ‘tweet’ their response. We first had a very interesting converstation about what Twitter is, who uses it (Turns out that two students are very active and experienced Tweeters) and what all the @ # and RT meant.

Then the students used to keep track of the amount of characters. Below is a selection of their ‘tweets’. The students really seemed to enjoy it.

  • @Hansrosling likedurTED vid was cool! liked how u usedurpowerpoint 2 show the statistics of the economic development in the world. 😀
  • @harryrosling vid I <3 your high tech data shown in your vids! Gives u a wider view on the poverty issue! its the future in presentations
  • @hansrosling #poverty i luv ths vid!the progrm u usd is genius basicaly if u r healthyr u get more money lol 🙂 3:12
  • @hansrosling video I thnk its gr8 that he shows how some parts of the #world get money be4 health or health before money. i lov his accent
  • @hansrosling’ ery smart cookie and u makeurvideos funny withurfunny voice.urexplanations r understandable with diagrams!!
  • @handrosling vid on #poverty TED vid was rely gr8! I like how u used the powrpoint to demnst8 economic development
  • @hansrosling it was a great video about #poverty and i liked how u used the cool statistic  which made it easy to understand. I liked it.
  • @Hansrosling had a good vid and the graph was cool cause u could look at different dates > Pretty much be #healthy to get money
  • @hansrosling. this guy knows what he his talking about! he is so gr8. I could learn a lot from this guy. Going to watch some more soon =P!!
  • @hansroling video I Love *Chicken LoL Hans has a cool accent and he is really postive about #poverty.
  • @hansrosling. TEDs videos are gr8! i love how he uses different programs to show statistics. More money and less kids in the 21st century

I will definitely do this again, and I particularly look forward to using Russell Tarr’s Classtools: Twister: That tool is good for a history class.