Report Findings: Fostering “Innovative Teaching and Learning”

Key Findings from ITL Research in 2011 

  • Innovative teaching supports students’ development of the skills that will  help them thrive in future life and work.  
  • However, students’ opportunities to develop these skills are typically  scarce and uneven, both within and across the sample of schools in the study.  
  • While ICT use in teaching is becoming more common, ICT use by students in  their learning is still an exception.  
  • Innovative teaching practices are more likely to flourish when particular  supportive conditions are in place: 
    • Teacher collaboration that focuses on peer support and the sharing of  pedagogical approaches  
    • Professional development that involves the active engagement of teachers,  particularly in practicing and researching new teaching methods  
    • A school culture that offers a common vision of innovation and consistently  encourages new types of teaching
    • Researchers observed examples of innovative teaching at the classroom level.  However, coherent and integrated support for the adoption of innovative teaching  was lacking in most of the schools and all of the systems in this study.  
    • Students: efforts to provide ubiquitous ICT access to students must continue  to ensure that all students have equal opportunities inside and outside school  to develop the skills they will need for life and work.  
    • Teachers: they need professional development opportunities that leverage the  most innovative teachers in each school to drive peer collaboration focused on  teachers themselves designing, practicing and researching the innovative  teaching approaches that develop students’ future skills.   
    • Schools: critically, school leaders need to cultivate holistic and shared  visions of innovation that integrate advanced pedagogies with technology.  
    • Systems: innovative teachers and schools need the kinds of assessment and  performance accountability measures that help more innovative teaching and  learning to flourish.

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