If THIS then THAT, or: How to connect Diigo, Twitter, a Blog, Evernote, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, you name it…

“If This, Then That” (IFTTT, pronounced as IFT) is the best way to automate tasks and connect different parts of your internet social ventures.

I think it’s best explained with an example:

I use Diigo (see earlier post: Why I love Diigo) but also like the functionality that Evernote offers. I did not want to have two separate curating and archiving tools, I want them to talk to eachother. IFTTT can do that:


So now I have a “Diigo” folder in my Evernote which is automatically synchronised with my Diigo bookmarks.



But IFTTT is infinitely powerful. It’s best to just check out the “Recipes” on the IFTTT website. You can make links between so many services (Google Drive, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox etc etc).


Some examples of “Recipes” I made. It’s so simple and intuitive.

IFFFtwitter iftttfb


Have a play with it. I’m sure you will find a use for IFTTT.