Histedchat 12/02/14: A succesful History classroom

This was the first night of #histedchat for 2014. We had many participants and some great discussions.

The questions were as follows:


Time went so fast that we skipped Q4, pity really, because I’m genuinly interested in what other history teachers hang on their walls. Might be something for a future chat.

Below you find all the Tweets sent in the Histedchat hour. I did try to make a Storify but that site just never ceases to frustrate me. Hard to get all the tweets in, many double ups, glitchy site… the annoyances just never stop. I “harvested” the tweets below by copying and pasting them from Tweetchat, which is a live site that shows all tweets in a certain hast tag.  I hope you find the Tweets easy to read and interesting. See you all in #histedchat in two weeks. 

Please look at the tweets here. (WordPress does not seem to allow me to create long posts!)