A Virtual Excursion to Florence

I created a virtual visit to Florence.

The aim of this activity is to give kids an indication of what this amazing city is like. I purposely did not include very difficult questions or complex activities; this is really about having a wander around and discover some of the places that are so important in the history of the Renaissance.

The outcome of this virtual excursion is “Seven Florence Facts”; students just have to share seven interesting renaissance facts they learnt as a result of this online excursion.

Activities include walking around Florence Cathedral (Il Duomo), going inside the Uffizi Gallery, sliding a photo on History pin to see what the Ponte Vecchio looked like after WW2 and a look inside a Medici villa.


Here is a random video of a person who walked around in Florence with his camera on. It goes for 39 minutes and could be a nice backdrop to have going in the background (on the interactive white board) while the kids do this activity. It will give them some ambient sights and sounds.


overview3 pitti