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How to be an Essay Writing Jedi Ninja (Poster with Canva and Thinglink)

Over the years I have honed my essay writing teaching skills and I’ve distilled it to 5 top tips:

  • RTBQ
  • TEAC
  • Signpost
  • State and Evaluate
  • Find the golden thread

Rather cryptic, I know, but my students know what it means. I made a poster using two cool sites: Canva and Thinglink. Canva is fantastic for making professional looking posters and Thinglink adds an interactive element to images and text. Hover your cursor over the image below to see the explanation of my cryptic but very good essay tips.

Colorized Photos, Ghosts of History

I see more and more amazing examples of “colorized” (You have to use the US spelling to get more results on Google) photos and “ghosts of history” photos. New technology is really bringing history to life. Look at these two photos:

The original, from Reddit. The comments at the bottom of the Reddit stream are worth reading.

0g9S65w original

The “Ghost of History” version, combining the old and new version: (see Reddit comments here) Continue reading