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IB Workshops

Capture10I have just finalised Day 3 of my fourth IB workshop. These professional development events never fail to inspire and it’s always informative, as well as exhausting. I have used this blog and Twitter to record my thoughts. Here are the links to my notes from this workshop and others:

MYP Category 3, Humanities (Melbourne), June 2014

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Day 3, MYP Humanities (Individuals and Societies) Workshop

The last day of the workshop. The group has gelled together well and we now all know where to get the best coffee and how to find our way around. I get so much value out of speaking to other teachers, find out what they do and how they do it.

In this session we had some very useful conversations about different ways of reporting. We compared different reporting software and ways of writing reports.

In the morning Danielle Veilleux came along, she is the IB MYP curriculum and assessment manager for arts, individuals and societies and MYP Projects.

We looked at a sample of student work, marked it and then standardised our results. I must say the Teacher Support Material is very useful. You can find it on the OCC, under “general comments”.

MYP projects & serviceCapture9


  • Community project is optional, but compulsory if you stop in MYP 4.
  • Community project is very useful to feed into the MYP Personal Project though.

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Day 1, MYP Humanities (Individuals and Societies) Workshop

It’s a cold Melbourne morning, about 400 people have come to Mt Scopus for a series of 3-day MYP workshops. The room for the Individuals and Societies workshop is very full, mainly Australian teachers with a few teachers from the wider Asia Pacific. I’ll be tweeting and blogging as I go, it’s how I take notes and think.


As is usual, we start off with some ice breakers, and it’s not long before the yellow post-it notes and the butcher’s paper appears on our table.

We’re looking at the evolution of the different models. I think it’s becoming very multi-layered; dimensions within dimensions, is it too much?

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What is a professional portfolio?

    Source: http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/teaching-guides/reflecting/teaching-portfolios/
  • Portfolios provide documented evidence of teaching from a variety of sources—not just student ratings—and provide context for that evidence.
  • The process of selecting and organizing material for a portfolio can help one reflect on and improve one’s teaching.
  • Portfolios are a step toward a more public, professional view of teaching as a scholarly activity.
  • Portfolios can offer a look at development over time, helping one see teaching as on ongoing process of inquiry, experimentation, and reflection.
  • Teaching portfolios capture evidence of one’s entire teaching career, in contrast to what are called course portfolios that capture evidence related to a single course. For more on course portfolios, see the Peer Review of Teaching Projects’s page on course portfolios.