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#Histedchat, hands-on activities in the history classroom (05/12/12)

I moderated tonight’s chat on “Hands-on activities in the history classroom”. Two questions to guide discussion:

  1. What are your favourite hands on activities for the history classroom?
  2. What realia / materials / movies / tools work best in your history classroom?
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Tweets in tonight’s #Histedchat. I’ll have to find a way to make the links clickable:

MattJJSchultz #HIstEdChat Thanks all for your contributions & ideas, whilst I only have 2 days left this year, I’ll make use of the ideas in 2013! Thanks. -9:37 PM Dec 5th, 2012

onetakeWeb I have a great Yr 7 enrichment matrix and a jeopardy template I’ll put up on Edmodo. Great for revision and post exam time #histedchat -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

carlaleeB Night all and TY #histedchat -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

craff2008 @vanweringh #HistEdChat thanks awesome chat and ideas thanks for moderating 🙂 -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

vanweringh Thank you everyone, cheers and see you next week, although I will be overseas then, may not make it. #histedchat #histedchat -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

lizmvhums @vanweringh supermum!!!#histedchat Night all -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

carlaleeB @vanweringh @activehistory is great – I had faculty subscription b4 #histedchat -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

Lady_B_Crawford #histedchat thanks guys – just wish I had a history class to use these ideas in next year – fingers crossed for 2014! -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012 Continue reading

Summarising in 140 characters or less with my students

Had fun today. We watched a Hans Rosling video on poverty in my Year 8 class. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpKbO6O3O3M

It’s a great video and the students were certainly interested. I wanted a response from them afterwards and decided on the spot to let them ‘tweet’ their response. We first had a very interesting converstation about what Twitter is, who uses it (Turns out that two students are very active and experienced Tweeters) and what all the @ # and RT meant.

Then the students used http://www.lettercount.com/ to keep track of the amount of characters. Below is a selection of their ‘tweets’. The students really seemed to enjoy it. Continue reading

Medieval Day

9th of Aug, http://www.medieval.com.au/

Medieval Day

The Year 7 Medieval Day was once again a roaring success. On the 9th of August, the Holt Wing was overrun by excited Year 7 students for a fun filled day of hands-on medieval activities. Many students were beautifully dressed up and all were well behaved and eager to learn.

This was the second time I organised this wonderful event; a great and satisfying experience.
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