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BYO – next wave in the eRevolution

  • byodHow are schools to keep up in this fast-changing world? One answer is BYOT.  Bring Your Own Technology. The concept is simple: if a student already has a  preferred technology at home, bring it to school rather than duplicate the cost  and time spent learning to navigate a new device issued or mandated by the  school.
  • Manor Lakes is one of many school’s operating on a similar model known as BYOD —  Bring Your Own Device — that limits the technology to a specific product. The  next step is obvious — students will be given the freedom to bring to the  classroom technology already available at home.
  • The BYOT model is fairly new, with only a handful of schools around the country  using it. Backers say schools that have adopted BYOT are experiencing better  results from a more personalised education, and enhanced engagement between the  home and school. But words such as equity and access keep cropping up.
  • Mr Barclay says it makes sense, both financially and academically, for students  to bring their own devices to his school — especially as it grows. Continue reading