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Busy Stanley and Livingston in the Internet Jungle

Cliches: Time flies. Have been so busy the last month. No time to reflect or to blog.

Stanley explorer

Such a shame really, isn’t it? It’s boring to be busy. Everyone is busy. We only have 24 hours a day at our disposal. The priorities you have, the choices you make about what you do with your precious time, that is what makes us who we are. It makes us the teachers we are.

So with a mere 24 hours at my disposal, I choose to spend some of that time online, on Twitter. What is it that attracts me to it? It’s the social element, and the excitement of discovering interesting links and new ideas. To me the internet is like an amazing jungle of ideas and information, and I feel like Stanley and Livingstone, especially when I stumble upon a new concept or a new way of doing things. So I love it…. but what about other teachers? So many of the people around me do not see the point of it at all. Am I such a nerd?

It comes back to being busy. When you’re busy, you stick to what you know, because it’s quick.

I imagine the many teachers walking along the wide, well-travelled┬ároads that criss cross the Internet jungle, missing interesting little paths that lead to new and better destinations and ideas. ┬áIt’s understandable, because wide well travelled roads are quick, comfortable and save time. But those people miss out; there is so much beyond the obvious and the well known.

So, I hope that people will channel Stanley and Livingstone, and try some new ways to explore the online jungle. And as for you, busy reader…. well done on finishing this post and getting to the end. Now, off to the jungle…