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Histedchat 12/02/14: A succesful History classroom

This was the first night of #histedchat for 2014. We had many participants and some great discussions.

The questions were as follows:


Time went so fast that we skipped Q4, pity really, because I’m genuinly interested in what other history teachers hang on their walls. Might be something for a future chat.

Below you find all the Tweets sent in the Histedchat hour. I did try to make a Storify but that site just never ceases to frustrate me. Hard to get all the tweets in, many double ups, glitchy site… the annoyances just never stop. I “harvested” the tweets below by copying and pasting them from Tweetchat, which is a live site that shows all tweets in a certain hast tag.  I hope you find the Tweets easy to read and interesting. See you all in #histedchat in two weeks.  Continue reading

HTAV Agora Article: A little birdy told me….

HTAV Twitter Article_Page_1A while back some #histedchat participants were asked to write an article about how they use Twitter and #histedchat as Professional Development and as a Personal Learning Network. True to form, we used Twitter to write the article collaboratively. It was put together by these wonderful colleagues: Jan Molloy, Catherine Hart, Matt Esterman, Simon McKenzie, Matt Schultz, Ilja VanWeringh, James Oliver and Matthew Ward. The result has now been published in the HTAV‘s (History Teachers Association Victoria) magazine “Agora”.

Please download the article here: HTAV Twitter Article

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#Histedchat 08/05/13: Teaching 20th Century Wars

Hi all, thanks again for the great conversation. I tried to make a Storify but it again did not work for me, so I just pasted all the tweets from http://tweetchat.com/room/histedchat# below. It’s probably easier to read this way anyway. Look forward to our next chat!

vanweringh Anyone can moderate a #histedchat, pick a topic or set up a poll. Post the archive on our wiki: http://t.co/4LwlQw5Zww -9:31 PM May 8th, 2013

HistoryNeedsYou RT @CatherineRHart: @HistoryNeedsYou in Aus – borrow a memorial box – gr8 artifacts 
http://t.co/nLJnDvphr8 #histedchat -9:31 PM May 8th, 2013

bilbolewis @vanweringh @CatherineRHart and everyone – Thanks for tonight’s #histedchat. Now need to finish dishes 
& school lunches! -9:31 PM May 8th, 2013

historyboy77 RT @vanweringh: Here are all my Diigo links on WW2: http://t.co/HItLDzF4XI and WW1: 
http://t.co/xUju2oRovz #histedchat -9:30 PM May 8th, 2013
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#Histedchat: Critical Thinking

Below are all the tweets in the 06/02/13 chat.

Edmodo code: 73gc5n Please join and share your links and resources there

sallyluane Thanks for the #histedchat chat. -9:35 PM Feb 6th, 2013

MattJJSchultz RT @BakEsteR1984: #histedchat What a buzz, I love being a part of this community. So many amazing ideas. Thanks again everyone, awesome chat tonight. -9:34 PM Feb 6th, 2013

MattJJSchultz @BakEsteR1984 Could’t agree more. #HistEdChat moves @ lightning speed, with some many brilliant ideas from quality history educators. -9:34 PM Feb 6th, 2013

BartramGiles #histedchat yes thanks everyone, always a privilege to hear what this community thinks -9:34 PM Feb 6th, 2013

vanweringh #histedchat You are all clearly critical thinkers! Gotta go now, Attend to my family and myself. Thanks again for the stimulating discussion -9:34 PM Feb 6th, 2013 Continue reading

#Histedchat: Critical Thinking in the History Classroom

Tonight’s #Histedchat is about Critical Thinking in the History Classroom.

Edmodo code: 73gc5n Please join and share your links and resources there. 

Three questions to guide our discussion:

  1. How do you define CT?
  2. How do you foster CT in your classroom? (share resources, tips, links?)
  3. Are essays the only way to assess CT in the History classroom?

This site: http://www.criticalthinking.org/ contains amazing resources, articles and ideas.

Critical Thinking

Excellent introduction to critical thinking in History by the Wisconsin Historical Society, Library‐Archives Division, 2005. Click here for original PDF. Continue reading

#Histedchat, hands-on activities in the history classroom (05/12/12)

I moderated tonight’s chat on “Hands-on activities in the history classroom”. Two questions to guide discussion:

  1. What are your favourite hands on activities for the history classroom?
  2. What realia / materials / movies / tools work best in your history classroom?
Edmodo code q51zcw Please join.

Tweets in tonight’s #Histedchat. I’ll have to find a way to make the links clickable:

MattJJSchultz #HIstEdChat Thanks all for your contributions & ideas, whilst I only have 2 days left this year, I’ll make use of the ideas in 2013! Thanks. -9:37 PM Dec 5th, 2012

onetakeWeb I have a great Yr 7 enrichment matrix and a jeopardy template I’ll put up on Edmodo. Great for revision and post exam time #histedchat -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

carlaleeB Night all and TY #histedchat -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

craff2008 @vanweringh #HistEdChat thanks awesome chat and ideas thanks for moderating 🙂 -9:35 PM Dec 5th, 2012

vanweringh Thank you everyone, cheers and see you next week, although I will be overseas then, may not make it. #histedchat #histedchat -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

lizmvhums @vanweringh supermum!!!#histedchat Night all -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

carlaleeB @vanweringh @activehistory is great – I had faculty subscription b4 #histedchat -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012

Lady_B_Crawford #histedchat thanks guys – just wish I had a history class to use these ideas in next year – fingers crossed for 2014! -9:34 PM Dec 5th, 2012 Continue reading

Histedchat on Ancient History (28/11/12)

Histedchat, 28/11/12. Topic: Ancient History

Here are all the tweets with links from tonight’s #histedchat:

  • Janpcim #histedchat Hidden Treasures of Afghanistan at Melb Museum 2013 http://t.co/oy4xxSlJ Watch this -9:51 PM Nov 28th, 2012
  • neutrondecay RT @HistoryNeedsYou: The Vindolanda Tablets – letters written the Roman army at Hadrian’s Wall. V useful teaching resource #histedchat http://t.co/ALY7RT26 -9:36 PM Nov 28th, 2012
  • Janpcim #histedchat http://t.co/niIwQ7tn opening 2013 Afghanistan : Hidden Treasures @lizmvhums -9:35 PM Nov 28th, 2012
  • AnnabelAstbury #histedchat http://t.co/Vg9EAe2r some stuff I have bookmarked in the past -9:33 PM Nov 28th, 2012 Continue reading