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A Virtual Excursion to Florence

I created a virtual visit to Florence.

The aim of this activity is to give kids an indication of what this amazing city is like. I purposely did not include very difficult questions or complex activities; this is really about having a wander around and discover some of the places that are so important in the history of the Renaissance.

The outcome of this virtual excursion is “Seven Florence Facts”; students just have to share seven interesting renaissance facts they learnt as a result of this online excursion.

Activities include walking around Florence Cathedral (Il Duomo), going inside the Uffizi Gallery, sliding a photo on History pin to see what the Ponte Vecchio looked like after WW2 and a look inside a Medici villa.

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Oreo Plate Tectonics

A great way to explain plate tectonics and simple plate movements is by using Oreos. This is based on a lecture by Dr Bob Lillie of the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University. I found the PPT online at the Oregon State University website  but frankly, the internet is quite full of “Geo-reo activities”

Here is the PPT: ImageOreos Plate TectonicsI have changed the PPT a little (mainly to get rid of Comic Sans, I get a bit twitchy whenever I see that font).

The kids responded really well to this activity. There is nothing better than some hands-on activities to make information stick. The students were like little Pavlovian dogs; salivating while moving the “plates” around on the “magma”. After 15 minutes of playing with Oreos they gobbled it up in 1 second flat. Added lesson: delayed gratification!

Skills in History and Geography (ACARA, IB DP and our Dept)

skills-abilities-knowledgeBelow are the History and Geography skills from three different frameworks / sources: The Australian National Curriculum, our own Humanities Department and the IB DP Group 3, History and Geography. It’s very useful to have them all together as they confirm and compliment each other.

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History Skills Nat. Curr.

Skills needed in the Australian National Curriculum History, by the end of Year 10:

Content related

  • Refer to key events, the actions of individuals and groups, and beliefs and values
  • Students sequence events and developments within a chronological framework
  • Identify relationships between events across different places and periods of time
  • Explain patterns of change and continuity over time.
  • Use historical terms and concepts

Critical analysis

  • Analyse sources to identify motivations, values and attitudes.
  • Analyse and draw conclusions about their usefulness, taking into account their origin, purpose, and context.
  • Analyse the causes and effects of events and developments and explain their relative importance. Continue reading