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Revision with “Heads Up!”

In 2013, Ellen Degeneres released an app called Heads Up. It’s a simple app, it works like “Celebrity heads” and it nicely made with some fun features. I used this app to revise key words from our History course, the students loved it.


Here is Ellen playing the game with Owen Wilson:

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A Scanner Darkly

Using a scanner app for resources

I have to share this: Using a scanner app is a great way to collect and share resources with your students.

Sometimes you are not around a photocopier or scanner and you might want to copy text from a book, or a diagram from a textbook. Taking a normal photo with your phone is an option, but particularly when photographing text, it just doesn’t come out very well.  In that case, I recommend you download a scanner app for your phone. The result is of a very high quality and it just looks better than a normal photo.

I have tried these two apps: Scanner Pro (my preferred one, $2.99 when I last checked) and JotNot (free when I last checked).

Below are two examples. I use this technique a lot. Perfect for when I’m reading a history book on the train and want to share key quotes or passages with my students.  Continue reading

WordPress app

I’ve just downloaded the WordPress app on my iPhone, which allows me to blog on the go; as I’m doing now. I must say that I don’t know how I lived and worked pre-iPhone. Sad but true. I have become an iJunkie.