Causes of WW2, Hexagons!

Hexagons are better than circles or squares because hexagons fit together in many ways. Much has been written about Hexagon Learning, and this activity is my interpretation of it. I have used it twice in my classes and both times have been very successful. The best thing about this activity is that it gets students discussing and arguing about the Causes of World War 2. They have to come to an agreement about how to arrange the hexagons and because the possibilities are endless, many different versions will arise.

Below are three Word Files. I hope they speak for themselves.


  • Start by downloading this Hexagon Student Version. It contains an explanation of how the activity works, and ‘cut-able’ versions of the Hexagons. Make your own with this hexagon generator here or another one here (from Active History)
  • This is teacher background info. Hexagon Appeasement_images explained All it is, is the hexagons with a very brief explanation of what the image is referring to. Let students do the heavy lifting, let them find additional info, or their own interpretations.
  • Bit of fun: The Dodecahedron. This can be made into a big die, you can play all sorts of games with it. I just made one, used it for quick revision etc.

Another thing I did on hexagons here.