Video Notes for YouTube is a service that allows students to take notes that line up with a YouTube video.  All the notes they type are automatically synchronized with the video. Later, they can just click on a line for the video to jump to the relevant part.

video notes whole

By clicking on the lines, the video will jump to the section where that note was taken from:

video notes click

The synchronising of the notes can be switched on or off.

video notes small is an extension of Google Drive and can only be opened in Google Drive.  That means that you will need a Google account to use this service. The  app can be easily installed. Go to and click on “Connect with Google Drive”.



Because it’s connected with Google Drive, it means that students can collaborate on the note taking. They will have to adjust the Share settings. (I tend to go with “Anyone who has the link can EDIT”share

It’s best to see it at work. I have watched a video on the Spanish Civil War and took quite some notes on it. For this link to work for you, you’ll need two things: A Google Drive account and you need to have the extension connected, as per above.

Here it is:

Here is another example. I opened it up to students (and to the wider public, i.e. YOU). This  is the first part of a documentary “China in Revolution” 1911 – 1949.