Working with long, unwieldy URLs can be quite challenging. For example: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/0,28757,2066367,00.html would be impossible for students to copy, so why not make it more user friendly: tiny.cc/whateveryoulike

There are hundreds of different URL shorteners.
The one I turn to is tiny.cc. It’s simple and you can customize the URL.

  • (See image below)
  • Step 1: Copy your long URL (Highlight it and hit CTRL C)
  • Step 2: Go to Tiny.cc and paste the long URL in the main box in the middle of the page
  • Step 3:  Make a custom URL: If the “customurl” box is left blank, the default link created will be 5 random characters. But you have the option of entering a keyword into this box to give the URL an alias or something that’s easy to remember.
    Custom URLs are case-sensitive – if you make it with capital letters it must be used with capitals.
    Also, make your custom URL unique. Tiny.cc/science or Tiny.cc/maths would already be taken by other users, but Tiny.cc/yr7refugees or Tiny.cc/yr10examprep could still be free.tinycc-1024x498

This is how you customise the URL. Now simply copy the URL you’ve created and write it on the whiteboard, email it to the students or put it in a document.


PS, the short link for this page is: tiny.cc/anicetrick

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