Effective search queries

Using Google effectively, efficiently and critically is vital to finding good (re)sources.

Some tricks for more efficient Google searches:
Finding info on specified pages or domains: Replace “sose” for anything, and replace the website after “site:” with any other site you want to search on:

So you type your search quiry, then site:thewebsite.com.au

Looking for particular file types:

Use Google as a dictionary:

  • define: lycan
  • Type: “define:” and the word you’re looking for.

Use google as a converter:

  • 500 Euro in AUD
  • 10 cm in inch
  • 50 km in miles
  • etc

Great Google overview:

Use the search tools:

Great to find certain types of images or narrow your results to a certain timeframe:

search tools google

Google Scholar

Amazingly useful, but terribly underused by most students, Google Scholar gives access to peer reviewed sources, academic sites and much cited articles. Invaluable when researching history.

google scholar