What is a TeachMeet?

TeachMeets have been held around the world for a long time, and Melbourne is doing very well too, thanks to many passionate volunteers like Celia Coffa, Mel Cashen and others, as well as teachers like you and me.

I have attended a few and presented at a few. A TeachMeet is always a great experience. You will always learn something new. It’s re-invigorating, affirming and positive; just what good PD should be like.

  • A Teachmeet is an “unconference”, it is “Guerrilla PD”.
  • It’s a no pressure, informal event.
  • You meet lots of other teachers from different schools and organisations.
  • Presentations are short and sweet,  and given by teachers.
  • The focus is on sharing ideas, not being lectured to.
  • Anyone can participate, all are welcome to present (but not obliged to do so!)
  • A great summary of the Teachmeet movement by John Connell

Come along to one. On this wiki you will find all the dates: http://teachmeetmelbourne.wikispaces.com/home

TMBrochure 2013

If you’re in Sydney, please visit Teach Meet Sydney

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