Post by Katie Lepi

Time Toast


Time Toast also offers uses free, unlimited timelines and easy Facebook integration. The interface is extremely simple – just click ‘add an event’, and you can add text, links, or photos. While it doesn’t offer some of the audio/video options that some of the other products we mention in this post do, it offers a lot more simplicity. Of note, there are a number of ads on the site – which can be expected with a free tool – but just something to keep in mind.



Meograph‘s tagline is ‘Four Dimensional Storytelling’. It offers a simple interface that allows users to combine news, history, travels, life events, photos, videos, audio, etc to create a multifaceted timeline. It offers easy sharing options and a web based interface. Users can purchase usage by the class with three different options starting at $19.99.



Capzles is similar to Meograph in that it allows users to integrate information from a variety of different sources (video, audio, photos, text, etc) into one multifaceted timeline. Free to join, Capzles is also working on an Indiegogo project that will allow them to develop a similar tool that is geared especially towards teachers and classrooms. This tool also has an associated iOS app, and allows users unlimited timelines for free, along with easy sharing (just send a link to your creation).



Dipity is another multimedia timeline tool that allows users to integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps. Users can even use uploaded info from the web and/or social media to create their timeline. For free, users can create three timelines, but there are paid options as well that start at $4.95 per month and offer a variety of options based on how many timelines you’ll be creating. There is also a 30 day free trial which lets you check out the premium options for free if you think you might be interested.



XTimeline is a free timeline tool that allows for multimedia input, such as text, images, and video. The interface is clean and simple, and very easy to use. The cool part about XTimeline is that it allows groups to easily work together and contribute to the same timeline, making it an ideal choice for group projects. It also allows for an unlimited number of timelines for free.

Source: http://edudemic.com/2013/05/timeline-making-appsweb-tools/