Teaching Philosophy

The skills and qualities I bring to teaching come from my enthusiasm and positive attitude in life. I believe that teaching should be done by example; a positive teacher who believes in her students and who approaches the class with an optimistic attitude can give students self-esteem and enjoyment, which in turn facilitates effective learning.
I also believe that I have a lot to offer to students because of the fact that I have worked outside the teaching profession, have travelled, lived internationally, have studied widely and continue to study. I am raising a family which has helped me tremendously in understanding of children and families.

The personal qualities which influence my professional teaching practice the most are:

A desire for knowledge

I am a life-long learner and as such, I always seek out innovative ways to deliver the daily curriculum to maximise positive outcomes for my students. I am passionate about using IT, computer technology and multi-media in my lessons. I apply these tools in my classroom as much as I can because I believe that it provides enhanced learning opportunities for my students. Teaching is about acquiring and sharing knowledge, developing new skills and gaining experience. As a general rule in life, I strive to learn at each opportunity so that I can constantly improve my own life, my students’ lives and my performance as a teacher.

Please read this post on “What makes a great teacher”. I found that article very inspirational.


What the teacher says and does matters enormously to young people, a teacher is a role-model and therefore I will always demand high standards of myself and my students. Effective learning occurs in a safe and nurturing environment, it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide that environment. I believe this is done by using assertive discipline and creating a culture of respect in the classroom.


I m a persistent person who works hard at lesson preparation and creating lesson materials. I am committed to delivering a high quality learning experience through thorough knowledge of the lesson content, implementation of diverse learning strategies and continual evaluation of, and reflection on my teaching practice. I do this by keeping a record of my lessons, I blog and I share experiences and resources with colleagues so that I can reflect and tweak my performance. My commitment to using technology and innovative up-to-date pedagogy allows me to deliver the curriculum in creative and stimulating ways.

I became a teacher because I love interacting with people. I delight in the enthusiasm of teenagers, I enjoy communicating with the parents and I always aim to be a valuable and friendly colleague to my fellow teachers.