2. Assessment & Reporting

Competency 2:  Employs a range of authentic assessment and reporting practices that:

  • 2.1 Apply to all areas of learning
  • 2.2 Include reflection and evaluation processes
  • 2.3 Measure growth and development
  • 2.4 Provide constructive feedback
  • 2.5 Meet expectations by observing deadlines and adhering to reporting guidelines

I am pro-active in providing formative assessment; I see it as a form of self-reflection that gives the students the tools to spot gaps in their own knowledge. I use Excel spreadsheets to enter all grades and continually take notes about students’ achievements in class. This system has worked very well for me as it has allowed me to keep detailed progress reports about students’ learning.

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Samples of Formative Assessment

At the start of a unit I often begin with a pre-test. Throughout the term I provide plenty of opportunity for students to gauge their own learning by giving short tests or quizes, as seen below.

Click here to read a nice email from a student who did one of the pre-tests and then re-did that same quiz at the end of the year.

Including reflection and evaluation processes

By using Google Docs forms, I provide frequent opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and evaluate their knowledge. Some examples here:

This competency also links to 7.2 “Engages in professional reflection by:  Using tools for reflections”

Sample of assessment notes

I take these notes in class, or immediately after marking students’ work. It gives me a good overview of how a student progresses during the year, I always have access to accurate information should a parent or other teacher inquire about the student, and I use these notes to compile mid year and end of year reports.

An example of my assessment notes

Sample of Gradebook

Below is a sample from my Excel gradebook. I always have up to date information about all students and am able to provide them with their grades throughout the term if they ask for it.

Sample of gradebook