This professional portfolio serves as a showcase for my teaching practice, and as a place for me to blog about teaching adventures or interesting issues in Education.

As outlined by my school’s Professional Development department, this website (my online portfolio) addresses the seven core competencies for professional teachers.

Please view samples and evidence of my teaching practice for each of these seven core competencies by either clicking on “Competencies” above, or on the right hand side menu of this page.

From the Professional Review booklet:

What is a Professional Review?
A Professional Review is an ongoing process undertaken by teachers that seeks to reflect on teaching practice. It is an opportunity to identify strengths and explore areas for growth. The Review involves an evaluation of seven core competencies spanning three domains – professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement. It includes reflection, a 45-minute conversation with colleagues and creation of a Portfolio.

The seven core competencies are:


  • Competency 1: Constructs and delivers challenging, meaningful, enjoyable and coherent curriculum experiences.

Assessment & Reporting

  • Competency 2:  Employs a range of authentic assessment and reporting practices.


  • Competency 3: Builds collaborative, productive, professional relationships with parents, colleagues and the wider world.

Pastoral Care

  • Competency 4: Provides comprehensive and effective pastoral care.


  • Competency 5:  Creates flexible, effective learning environments.

Growth & Development:

  • Competency 6: Continues to develop professional capacities.


  • Competency 7:  Engages in professional reflection.